Librarian as Literacy Facilitator by Sarah Iwasaki


Libraries continue to play a very important role in fostering literacy in young children.

Ideas for promoting reading: Book Tasting (students "speed date" selected texts to find one that are the right fit for them), Tournament of Books (students vote for favourites as students/teachers make the case for their picks - similiar to Canada Reads on CBC), Forest of Reading (and other reading programs), Featured Books (staff picks, student picks, genres, if you liked... you will like...), Easy Access (books arranged in ways that make it easy for students to access, e.g. cover out displays), QR codes (use an iPad to access info about book - written by students and staff), Read alouds (choose books that link strongly with reading strategies)

writing and research

Along with reading, libraries provide space for students to develop their writing skills.

Explicit teaching of inquiry process, writing process, writing strategies; display books relevant to current topics being learning in class (eg. related to science or social studies curriculum); host writing events (poetry cafe, author visits, shared writing); have a variety of writing materials out for students to use (Buddha board, old typewriter, whiteboards, chalkboards, magnetic words)

other activities

Modern libraries also provide space for exploration of technology.

Maker space, puzzles, community colouring/drawing, green screen, robotics (sphero), electronics (Makey Makey), coding (Hour of Code), building toys (Lego, Tinker Toys, K'Nex), making movies (iMovie) or stop motion animation, etc., etc!

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