Good Life Tour of the Harn My experience at the Museum of Art

இ Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist இ
Me with "Northeast Gorge at Appledore" by Childe Hassam (picture taken by Victoria Tran)

While visiting the Harn museum, this was one of the first paintings I walked towards, as I thought it was absolutely breathtaking. Now, I'm not one to be super philosophical or abstract when I think about art of the artist's motives, but this particular piece really stood out to me. The artist of this painting, Childe Hassam, visited this area, which is off the coast of Maine and used it as inspiration to further develop other artistic works in Impressionism. I found this piece to be incredibly striking because of the medium of small details that altogether encompass an outstanding depiction of nature. When looking at this painting from afar, I could admire the beauty of the landscape and the colors. However, when I got closer and really scrutinized it, I noticed that painting had a somewhat 3-D effect, as some of the colors bounced off the canvas. I also noticed and admired the depths and shadings of the colors, and how those techniques came together to create such an aesthetic work of art. I really connected with this picture, because although I don't paint, I love to take pictures of places that I travel to that are purely just nature and it's beauty. As a nature lover, I felt relaxed when looking at this work; I would consider it one of my favorites in the museum.

◇ Design of the Museum ◇
This is a photograph I took of one of the museum's exhibits: the Asian Water Garden ⁓∾⁓∾⁓∾⁓∾⁓

Walking outside of the museum and seeing this really caught me by surprise! Incorporating the culture of Asia alongside the various other cultures that can be seen throughout the museum was really interesting to me because I was able to see artwork from so many different places in the world! This particular display really enhanced my experience at the museum, as it made the Asian artwork really stand out to me, since it was the only exhibit that encompassed art indoors and outside. Prior to visiting the museum, I was honestly not educated on Asian art and after reflecting on my experience at this exhibit, I built an admiration of the intricacy and incorporation of culture in their art. Since this part of the exhibit was outside, I really enjoyed the use of the space; it was nice to get some fresh air and be around something different than you'd expect in a traditional museum.

❥ Art and Core Values ❣
Me posing in front of a photograph of young girls entitled "Three girls holding hands" by Sebastião Salgado (picture taken by Victoria Tran)

Out of all of the artwork that I encountered while touring the museum, I felt the deepest connection with this stunning photograph. As soon as I came across this portrait, I immediately thought of my sisters and I when we were younger. At first glance, this photograph brought me back to growing up in Argentina and how we would always be outside, climbing trees, running around and ruining all of our nice clothes. To me, the girls all holding hands symbolizes a close relationship, something I'm very fortunate to have with both my sisters. Having siblings is something that I find to be very valuable, as I couldn't imagine my life without them. My sisters push me to better and I'm always learning from them; I value how much they've affected my life in such a positive way. This artwork instilled the emotions of joy and love because my sisters are fundamental importance to me and I cherish them so much. This photograph helps me better understand what I believe because it sparked an epiphany in me that being able to have the amazing relationship I have with my little sisters is something that not everyone can say they have, and that alone, is the most valuable thing in the world to me.

あ Art and the Good Life あ
This is a picture I took of a sculpture by Agustín Cárdenas named "Family"

As I was about to leave the museum, I came across this sculpture and I was confused as to what it was (I'm not one to be very good at depicting abstract art). After reading the information excerpt on the side, it instantly clicked to me: it's a family. This artwork made me think about what I want to achieve and what I want to protect-- one day having my own family and doing what I can to keep mine safe. Personally, the Good Life theme depicted in this sculpture is the importance of family, as mine is basically my backbone and my biggest support system. I grew up being very close to my parents and my sisters, so I am obviously very family oriented and couldn't see myself living a good life without my family. In the sculpture, the parents are very close together and their child is in the middle, highlighting the notion that a close family ultimately enhances someone's quality of life. This sculpture adds to my appreciation of not only my family, but more specifically my parents, who have made countless efforts to get me to where I am today. When I looked at this picture, I saw myself being the child in the middle and my parents being the figures behind me, and it was a beautiful feeling knowing that having them is the reason why I live such a good life.


Lucía Cabanela Victoria Tran

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