Gubi Gabun Children's Mobile Service Inc. 2021 Parent Handbook

What's Inside this handbook?

  1. About Gubi Gabun.
  2. What happens at a Gubi Gabun Playsession?
  3. Important things to know.
  4. Fees and enrolment details.

1. About Gubi Gabun.

Gubi Gabun is a community-based, not-for-profit early childhood service operating in the New England region of New South Wales. Our aim is to ensure that children in geographically, socially and culturally isolated areas are afforded the opportunity to engage in rich and responsive early childhood programs. We endeavour to work in collaborative partnerships with children and families to provide experiences that reflect and extend children's emerging interests and that are also respectful of each individual child's age and stage of development.

Gubi Gabun is managed by a dedicated committee of parents who access the service. The service employs highly qualified, experienced and passionate early childhood educators who are committed to providing a program informed by the outcomes, principles and practices detailed in the Early Years Learning Framework. We believe paramount importance should be given to the development of reciprocal relationships between community, children, parents, families and educators.

Gubi Gabun is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services and the NSW Government Department of Education.

Our playsessions operate in numerous locations throughout the New England region over the course of a monthly roster. We service from Guyra to Niangala, and from Bendemeer to Hernani. We observe the NSW school terms and cease operation during school holidays. We also do not operate on public holidays, as many of our venues are unavailable at these times.

Gubi Gabun acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands on which our communities gather for the purpose of learning together, and we pay our respects to elders past, present and future.

2. What happens at a Gubi Gabun Playsession?

At Gubi Gabun, we advocate for the rights of children to play and to be a child. We know that children learn best through play-based experiences that reflect their interests. As such, we employ an emergent curriculum that grows with and is informed by the children and families accessing our program. Through observation, engagement, documentation and reflection, we develop responsive programs that extend and challenge children in ways that are appropriate to each child's needs and stage of development.

At any given playgroup, you can expect your child to have the opportunity to engage with natural and manufactured resources that evoke wonder and spark inquiry; loose parts that offer endless possibilities for investigation and creation; visual art resources that inspire and allow for children to create and convey meaning; and musical experiences that support cognitive and linguistic development.

We also offer, where appropriate, instances of intentional teaching - thoughtful, deliberate and purposeful interactions with children that support and extend their thinking and learning. These interactions employ strategies such as open questioning and speculation, modelling and demonstrating, co-operative problem-solving and objective-based provisions and provocations.

As part of our commitment to partnerships with children and families, we encourage parents to speak with us about suggestions they might have for our playgroups. The information parents provide to us can prove invaluable in ensuring that our program is as responsive to each child as it can possibly be. Further to this, we welcome the involvement of parents in aspects of our program. Play an instrument? Avid gardener? Enthusiastic about cooking? Speak with our team about how your skills and talents can enrich the lives of young children!

Above all else, our playgroups offer a safe, welcoming and sociable environment for children and families. For children who are unable to access pre-school or long day care environments, Gubi Gabun playgroups present the perfect opportunity for socialisation and engagement with peers. For parents, our playgroups are a great place to meet and converse with other parents, share perspectives, understandings and knowledge, and even to just catch your breath and enjoy a cup of tea. It's not just the children who get the opportunity to make new friends!

3. Important things to know.

Whilst we pride ourselves on the high quality of our program, it is important to note that we are not a licensed early childhood service and, as such, parents and/or carers are required to remain with the children in their care for the duration of each playgroup. In instances where a child may require redirection, our educational team will only intervene if; a parent has requested assistance; if a child is damaging equipment or resources or; if a child is posing a danger to themselves or to others. We respectfully ask parents to support and accompany their children whilst accessing our service.

Some of the provisions available at our playgroups can get messy. We subscribe to the belief that clothes (and children) can be washed and that dirt, paint and other tactile mediums are good! We recommend that children join us in clothes that are suited to the climate, afford freedom of movement, and that perhaps aren't their Sunday best! We also encourage families to bring morning tea for themselves and their children, as we provide quiet storytime during our playgroups.

Our educational team, as a matter of service policy, possess and maintain current first aid qualifications, including CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis training. Each team member also possesses a current Working with Children Check.

We ask that, upon arrival at playgroup, parents sign the attendance register. This allows us to report back to our funding bodies with information regarding how many families are accessing our service. We also must ask families to utilise the ServiceNSW Covid sign-in until such time as this requirement ceases.

As part of our cycle of documentation and planning, we routinely photograph children during our playgroups. This enables us to reflect on learning that has occurred and plan for future learning opportunities. We collate your child's documented experiences in our planning floorbook. If you do not wish for your child to be photographed, you may note this at the time of enrolment.

4. Fees and enrolment details

As a community-based, not-for-profit organisation, we endeavour to keep our fees as low as possible. For 2021, our fees are set at $15 per family per term. This fee can be paid directly to our accounts, the details of which will be made available to you upon enrolment.

It's not uncommon for children to connect on a deep level with the resources they engage with at our playgroups. In order to support and extend children's play, we offer a resource borrowing service. For $10 per term, families can borrow from a range of toys, puzzles, musical instruments and other resources, with the duration of the loan being negotiable. For parents, we also offer a range of literature addressing many aspects of child development, parenting and wellness.

As part of our funding agreements, Gubi Gabun is required to report to both the Commonwealth Department of Social Services and the NSW Government Department of Education with details of attendance for each playgroups we operate. If you do not want your family's personal information recorded in our reporting, you may choose to not provide consent on our enrolment forms. However, choosing to do so may affect future funding allocations for our service. We provide you with a guarantee that your family's personal information will never be shared by us to any party other than our funding bodies.


Matt Debreceny