Equivalent Fractions

Vocabulary Review: Numerator, Denominator & Equivalent Fraction

Can you find the Numerator and Denominator in the fraction Anton and Austin are writing under?

Mrs. A's class, I was so proud of your effort and enthusiasm for learning math yesterday. Keep it up today! I am sorry I can't be there, but I hope to see you tomorrow and hear about what new connections you make today in math! Love, Mrs. Hess

You used fraction tiles to find Equivalent Fractions. Without the tiles, another way to do this is by multiplying! Let's see how this works...

2/3 is equal to 8/12. Why? Multiply 2/3 by 4/4 (which is ONE whole) and you get 8/12.

Now watch a video that will help you understand this a little better...

And one more video, this time with students like you, figuring out how this works.

Your turn! Try (with your partner from yesterday) solving 10 of the problems on Lesson 4's Independent Practice page. You choose which 10 to solve.

When you are finished, check your answers using the Fraction Tiles.

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