black hole!

Black Holes are formed when a super massive star dies in a supernova.Supernovas occor when massive stars or stars bigger than our sun.Our sun can't go supernova it is much to small to do that but stars like Sirius, a star 8.611 lightyears away.It is a white dwarf nearing the end of its life time. Our sun will much likely become a red giant and gobble up all the inner planets (including earth) and than shrink back down into a white dwarf and start burning carbon than oxigian. But supermassive stars either become a super red giant or a red giant than shrink down into something so small (this is called the singularity) and it gets so dense it explodes in a supernova. The clouds around the star are either fusion or radiation i'm not 100% sure :P. But the remains of the star will either be a nutruon star or a black hole, an object SO DENSE not even light can escape it.WOW! But nutrion stars are also really dense and unstable but keeps photons inside and other stuff but lets get back to black holes. Black holes are really dense and just think of that, light can't escape,and lights the fastest thing we know. But its gravitational pull is extreamly strong. If you were to be sucked into a black hole, you wouldn't be emiditly sucked into the black hole instead they would see your aproach become slower and slower until you reach the photon sphere at this point light isn't gonna neccisarily be swallowed into the black hole, but its not neccisarily gonna escape it either. But light can actually orbit the black hole. but as you continue to get sucked in by the black hole as I said before, your aproach would become slower and slower until you reached the Event Horision. If someone were to watch you get sucked in by the black hole, when you reached the event horision, you would just stop until you just faded. All the light reflecting off you would be sucked off and they would never see you pass the event horision ever again. But for you everything would seem fine you would continue past that event horision until your....death. It would actually be quite comferable it would probably take hours for things to hurt. It would hurt because as you became closer to the singularity the tidal force would become greater and things behind you would be efected less. But as you get closer it would start to hurt because its gravitational pull would have been so great your corpse would have been ripped and tormented apart. This is called Spaghettification. Wants you reached this part, you would be..dead. Your molaculse would be violantly ripped apart and when it got to the singularity..well we don't really know what would happen to it. Maby, if a rotating black hole would create a worm hole. Something that can send you to a place faster than light. Not in a way that violates the laws of phcyics or anything but it would do something really crazy. if i wanted to get to this point - to - this point, I would have to travel the distance. But worm holes do this : - - now its right there. But this is all a theroy.

Thank You so much for reading if you did most of this I found out by myself but I had a little help from a youtube video which was useful But thanks for reading!
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Created with images by jurvetson - "Black Hole Sun" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Hubble Helps Find Smallest Known Galaxy Containing a Supermassive Black Hole" • adam.lofting - "blackhole"

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