Expert: Daniela Bunea

Trainee teachers: Małgorzata Kostian and Teodora Popescu

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • create a virtual museum gallery with common products
  • share relevant informations about cultural masks and their purposes among different countries
  • compare different cultural masks and determine common elements
  • collaborate in order to create a common product
  • shape and share opinions on a piece of art
  • appreciate the value of learning in museum
  • use ICT confidently and creatively in the delivery of their tasks

Student Activities:

Ice Breakers Activities

”Who am I? Who You are?”

Self Portrait Drawing

”Mystery Masks Q & A”

Have you ever worn a mask? *Why do people wear masks?*Where have you seen masks?*Did you see any masks walking around a museum?*Have you ever made a mask by yourself?

Team Building

  • Create transnational teams by means of Team generator
  • Assign a role and task for every member of the team
  • Communicate in Google Docs.

Tasks to be distributed are as follows: draw a Coggle mindmap, make presentation, create gallery, create Voice Thread. All members of a team are to comment on at least one task of other teams.

Let’s decide on where to go!

Choose and vote on a virtual museum to visit together (e.g. British Museum, UK, London; Gallery of Masks from Around the World)

Pl@y Time!

Play vocabulary games related to masks

Find and explore the website of museum

Fill the Mask observation worksheet

Visiting the museum

Watch the tour

Discover the masks

Choose a mask

Observe the details

Teamwork presentation

Each team presents their favorite masks chosen

Masks creation

Students create their own masks with MaskMaker; print and draw/paint the masks

Online Masks Gallery

Take photos of the masks

Comment the photos of the mask on Voice Thread

Design and create 3D virtual exhibitions with Artsteps

Support required

  • computer, good internet connection
  • assistive technology for students with special needs
  • worksheet
  • drawing /painting material
  • camera
  • printer

Online tools

  • Museum website
  • eTwinning Live
  • Dotstorming
  • Voice Thread
  • Artsteps
  • MaskMaker
  • Stickymoose
  • Voki
  • FlockDraw
  • Team Generator
  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides
  • Google Maps
  • Quizlet
  • Coggle


Student Portofolios (Google Slides)

Assesment Questions (Sticky moose)

Assessment Rubrics

Thank you!

Created By
Teodora Popescu


Created with images by Peter Rivera - "African mask" • Boris Thaser - "London, UK. 2014." • redakter - "carnival mask plaster mask" • Alexas_Fotos - "masks carnival play stone" • garyullah - "Vatican museum" • BruceEmmerling - "scrabble game board game" • LauraTutu - "natural history museum london architecture" • psd - "MoMask" • HockeyholicAZ - "DSC_7737" • tarrytown - "mask" • DEZALB - "guatemala market masks" • zilupe - "Taipei trip, Day two: Lugang" • joguldi - "worksheets to fill out, papers to file, chairs to sit in." • Bob Owen - "Big Smile" • PublicDomainPictures - "little spiderman spider"

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