ADVOCATE Striving to educate, promote, and support the well-being of all NCPS employees by fostering and inspiring healthy lifestyles.

The NCPS Be Well Team has been working to provide you with a bit of encouragement and support to manage your well-being. This edition of the Be Well Advocate includes upcoming programs, events, and challenges to participate in as well as information regarding biometric screenings and Cigna's VitaMin and Healthy Recipe. We are excited to announce that on April 1st we will be kicking off the Step It Up Move Well Challenge. Every Step Matters as we come together to accomplish a district wide wellness goal.

Did you enjoy those massages, smoothies, and vendors at last year's Be Well Expo? Well, get ready for this year as we are excited to announce that this year on May 1st, 2019 the Be Well Expo will include Free Biometric Screenings available to Cigna and non-Cigna members! Below is a picture of Cigna's Health Screening bus that will be on site May 1st. Read Janet Reed's Medical Moment on Biometric Screenings below.

Janet's Medical Moment

You may have heard about Biometric screenings and Know Your Numbers Campaigns. These are clinical assessments of key health numbers which can be an important part of a health and wellness program.

Knowledge is power and knowing your numbers helps one be proactive with health and disease risks.

Biometric Screenings may include-

  1. Height and Weight and Body Mass Index
  2. Waist circumference
  3. Blood pressure
  4. Blood glucose (sugar)
  5. Cholesterol

We are very fortunate that on May 1st for our second NCPS Be Well Expo, Cigna will provide a Biometric Screening van for free screenings !

Be Well!

Janet Reed District Nursing Supervisor

This FREE health screening is available to Cigna and non-Cigna members. The Be Well team will be sending out a sign up sheet and more information in the near future.

Take a "minute" and check out Cigna's VitaMin! - Vital Health Information in one minute. The VitaMin in the Be Well Advocate is provided by Cigna to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Don't miss the delicious Healthy Recipe, below.

More information to come!

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