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Patriot Games and Spring Fling

We had so much fun playing outside together! We are so thankful for the coaches, parent volunteers, PTSA, Pike Road Fire Department and many others for helping to make this day a success! Here is a little glimpse into the fun that was had by all!

The C1 Market

We have been busy making items to sale at our C1 Market! The kids are in the process of making boomerangs and didgeridoos. We have purchased a button making machine that the kids are going to love so I can't wait to see their designs for that next week! We have about six more kids that need to finish their Australian aboriginal art. We are going to turn that into a book that will have their corresponding stories to sale at the market. I will also work to make sure everyone in our class gets to take a copy home as well! It is going to be beautiful so I want them to have that keepsake from our year.


  • Paper towel rolls
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Cereal boxes

Math Workshop

We wrapped up our study on 2D and 3D shapes this week by creating composite figures. I absolutely love the creativity that was shown. They were asked to use 2D and 3D shapes to create a picture and also provide how many of each shape they used. We were working on the math standard of being able to draw shapes with their attributes. Art is one of my favorite ways to engage kids in standards! Ask your learner about the picture that they created with shapes. Take a look at all of them together and talk about the shapes they used and how many.

Writer's Workshop

We have officially covered all writing text types and purposes. We are now reviewing writing goals such as correct capital and punctuation marks, spacing and organization. They are writing and conferencing with me every day. This past week we wrote about our Easter weekend and Patriot Games. This was a great opportunity to work on narrative writing and correct usage of periods and punctuation. We will be working with editing checklists for the remainder of the year. My hope is that they learn how to edit their own work and the work of their peers. Have your learner write in authentic ways whenever you can and look over their writing with them and assist them in editing. A young writer needs a lot of opportunities to practice. (Grocery lists, thank you notes, writing about a recent trip, journal entries...)

Reader's Workshop and Word Study

We have been reading (and finished) a great beginning chapter book that is full of imagination! My Father's Dragon is one of my favorite books to read aloud. Be sure to ask your learner all about it for a great opportunity for story retell practice. (Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?) We are beginning to focus on R-Controlled vowels (er, ir, ur, ar, or...) This week we focused on er, ir, ur because they make the same sound. Take a look at these poems with your child and discuss the sounds and look for other words in the books your read together.

We had so much fun bringing a "Reading Buddy" to school to share a good book with. The kids are now working towards earning a "Flashlight Read" where they will be able to bring in a flashlight and we will make it as dark as we can. Ask your learner how this process works of earning letters towards this reward. It focuses on the collective efforts of the group instead of individuals but everyone must do their part to help earn them.

Exploring Sound

It was so fun to see, feel and hear the effects of sound! Mrs. Dickens, Mrs. Shelton's intern, came to share a lesson on sound with us. We watched a video and then the kids were put in stations to examine the effects that sound has. They played music and watched as the beans jumped, used tuning forks to strike objects and explored rubber band instruments! They had a great time being "sound scientists!"

Patriot of the Week

We enjoyed learning more about Aiden this week and we hope he had a happy birthday!

Manicures for Mom

Moms, please be sure to check and RSVP to an invitation that was sent to you by email! We can't wait to celebrate YOU!

What's next...

Social/Science: Continuing to work on our Australian Aboriginal art and stories. We will also be working on creating items for our C1 Market in May.

Math: Partition circles and rectangles into two and four equal shares, describe the shares using the words halves, fourths, and quarters, and use the phrases half of, fourth of, and quarter of. Describe the whole as two of, or four of the shares. Understand for these examples that decomposing into more equal shares creates smaller shares.

Word Study: R-Controlled Vowels (or, er, ir, ur, ar...) and reviewing and reassessing past skills. (common endings, silent e, vowel teams...)

Reader's Workshop: We will continue to meet in small groups and whole group reading. I am in the process of reassessing everyone's reading level and rate for the end of the year. I will share the DIBELS scores with you as soon as I can.

Writer's Workshop: We are spending our time putting all of the writing skills we have learned into practice. We are writing daily and making sure we are concentrating on adding details and really working on how to edit our own piece of writing and help edit a friend's writing.

Mark your calendar

  • May 10th: Save the Date! Manicures for Moms. 8:30 AM
  • May 20th (edited): Save the Date! C1 Market Parent Preview Night. Come see the C1 Market!
  • May 21st (edited): C1 Market Day for learners
  • May 16th: Grown up Paint Party with Mrs. Fuhrman. Register online.
  • May 23rd: Last (Half) Day for Learners.
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