Year in the Life Meet Will Hefner, an economics major from Hickory, North Carolina

carolina | Class of 2017

"Here goes nothing for the 4.0."

Will lined up early at the Old Well on the first day of class his senior year to participate in a campus ritual: drinking a sip of water from the landmark fountain in hopes for a 4.0 that semester.

"That's the most refreshing sip of water I've ever had."

"I started class and the next day I was looking at job applications."

For many seniors, their final year at Carolina is as much about the job search as it is attending classes. Will attended careers fairs on campus and interviewed with five companies this fall. In October, Wells Fargo offered him a job. The experience, he says, was overwhelming and amazing.

Will volunteered countless hours of his senior year with an organization called Young Life, where he mentored local high school students.

Will’s senior year bucket list included winning his fantasy football league.

"Fantasy Football is the best of both worlds, because I love football and I love these guys. It gives us chance to compete and mess with each other."

Will didn't win the league, but he also didn't have to get the punishment tattoo.

"We beat Duke!!!!!!"

"We just won the 2017 National Championship."

"this is without a doubt one of the happiest nights of my life."

"I just feel incredibly blessed to call this place my home."

"I know how much it has meant to me to be a Tar Heel."

Cap and gown photos by Jon Gardiner, University Communications

Project by: Melanie Busbee, University Communications

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