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My name is Nina, and I'm a junior in the Teacher Education Program at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. The content area that I am focusing on is English because of my love for reading and writing that I want to share with others. I am a Michigan native and love all of the fun things that my state has to offer such as sand dunes, lakes, snowy winters, and Detroit Tigers baseball. In the upcoming years, I am eager to gain more experience in the school systems whether they be public or private. I look forward to working with many different types of youth in hopes to create a lasting effect on their lives.

Interactive Student Response System

I created a quiz for 9th grade English students to test their spelling and vocabulary skills. The quiz features three true/false or multiple choice questions. Students are to answer questions by selecting the correct spelling and definition, or select the correct meaning alone. To access my Interactive Response System, head to and click "Student Login". From there, enter the room name to take my quiz. The room name is HADLEY5232.

Interactive Presentation

I created an interactive Nearpod PowerPoint for 3rd grade English students to learn about synonyms and antonyms. Students go through the PowerPoint with a teacher on their own personal electronic device such as a tablet. Nearpod is an excellent tool because it allows teachers to control the pace of the PowerPoint; students do not have the access to skip slides or navigate anywhere else on their tablet. As the teacher goes through the PowerPoint, students first learn the definition of a synonym and are then required to play a matching game that tests their skills. Later, students learn about antonyms and are required to take a brief multiple choice quiz on antonyms. To access my Interactive Presentation on Nearpod follow this link. Once you've followed the link you'll be asked to sign into your own Nearpod account to view my presentation.

Webquest Assignment

I created an Adobe Spark page for my Webquest Assignment. The Webquest created was designed for a secondary (middle or high school) English classroom. Just like the Create Your Own Adventure stories, students are required to use their own imagination while putting all of the parts of a story together. This activity requires teamwork, understanding of the elements of a story, access to technology, and creativity. To access my Spark page, follow this link.

Flipped Classroom Lesson

I created a flipped classroom lesson for 6th grade English students. In a flipped classroom, students receive instruction at home and complete homework and get help when they come back to class. The lesson that I created was about figurative language and requires access to technology. At home, students will view several videos that they will stream on YouTube. They will then complete a worksheet to practice what they have learned. The worksheet will be graded by a teacher when the students return to class. In class the next day, students will complete an activity with a partner using children's picture books where they will identify the types of figurative language used in each book. To access the YouTube videos follow the links. Video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4. To access the figurative language worksheet, follow this link.

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