Air Pollution By:Pluem


Do you want to learn more about air pollution to help yourself, help to solve it and make the world a better place. I think if you do that the world will be super super good. Are you convinced?

What Is Air Pollution

Air pollution is the damaging of our air thanks to the pollutants we are putting into it. Air pollution is fill with dust,gases and carbon emissions that clog the air. Air pollution make plant,humans and animal hard to survive from breathing air pollution in. There was two kind, the first kind was the air pollution that we can see and the other kind is we can’t see. You will get air pollution when you breath it in.Cause of Air Pollution Air pollution is caused by many different oil and coal, it puts a lot of smoke and carbon into the air. things, but they all come from humans! When we burn fossil fuels like This pollutes it very badly. Factories are the main creators of this type of air pollution. And the vehicle like train,car and airplane. Air pollution can kill everything because it cause Global warming,Land pollution and Water pollution.

Cause And Effect of Air Pollution

Air pollution cause global warming that affect the plant and mammals. And something that is even more is cancer that have high chance of dead. Plane cause air pollution in sky and that affect the rain and turn into acid rain. And rocket also cause air pollution in space and destroy the Ozone layer.

The right side is before and the left side is after.

The Solution

The first thing that adult should do is use bus because if there are 50 people,they should use 50 cars or one 1 bus? The thing that kids could do is turn off light when not in use. Everybody should follow the 3r to make less air pollution. And you should use clean energies that make from solar cell. Try to use less device that use batterie.


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