Keeping Kids in School Pakistan

Location of project

- Sindh, Pakistan

Background of education in Pakistan

- Distance, cost and cultural barriers make getting an education hard

- Communities are working together to create community schools

- Before 2005, zero girls in a provine of Sindh were going to school

- Dangerous for young girls to go to school

What is provided

- Organisation: training for teachers, facility upgrades and training in community management of the schools

- Government: registration, curriculum, textbooks, and has an ongoing role in monitoring quality

- Women empowerment groups

- The community made significant sacrifices

- The community did a lot to help

Reason for lack of girls at school

- Dangerous to get there as a young girl

Power of education


- The girls love going to school

- An education will help everything else in the cycle of poverty get better

- When you empower a women, you empower a nation.

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