March on Selma by Becca bouphamaly


March For Selma:


The March on Selma was lead by Martin Luther king jr. but there were thousands of protesters/demonstrators involved. This march was not just black people whites marched with them as well to show their support.


The March on Selma was when protesters attempted to march from Selma, AL to Montgomery, AL to demand the right to vote for the black race. These protestors met with lots of violent resistance by state and local authorities.


The actual march it self happened on March 25th of 1965.


Protesters began in Selma, Alabama and marched there way towards Montgomery, Alabama. Which in fact is 50 miles apart. It took protestors 3 days to reach the destination.


This movement was made in order to get voting rights for the black race. It was made so that the blacks really could have liberty and freedom.


During the attempted march the protesters faced lots of violence and cruelty. But during the march they stood together in order to accomplish their goal.

Black Lives Matter


The whole Black Lives Matter movement began when Trayvon Martin was shot. The movement was co-founded by 3 black community organizers; Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi.


BLM is an international activist movement, started in the African-American community. They protest against violence and perceived systemic racism toward the black race


In todays decade.


International movement but mainly in the United States.


BLM was created to gain awareness in how the deaths in colored people increased. The creators wanted to raise awareness because after the Trayvon Martin shooting, George Zimmerman was not held accountable for the crime he committed. This was a response of anti-black racism that permeates our society.


- Both movements were nonviolent and black raced based

- Police Brutality

- Racism


- March on Selma is a protest about voting rights and BLM is a protest against violence and perceived systemic racism toward black people.

- Black Lives Matter is a forever movement


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