Guys with long hair bY MALENY mateo & nadia

Leonardo Rosales, i like being one of the least persons that have long hair i feel unique and I also have long hair in honor to Antony Banderas, one of my favorite actors. I haven't cut my hair since last year so its ben like an year and a half. the funny thing is that some people think i am a girl and some people tell me "i wish i could have it as curly as you".
Jesse Bustillos, when i was 4 i had it like about to my shoulders and i left i since, i liked it. Some people confuse me for a girl sometimes but its alright.
Marcos Adame, i have been letting my hair grow since 7th grade. Me and my brother just decided to let it grow. I get a lot of comments saying it is pretty.
Adolfo planco. i didnt have a reason its just happend it just grew. i have been letting it grow since June 2016. A few people tell me they like it but what are they going to tell me if its al about your personality no the way you look.
Jose Varela, i enjoy having long hair. I have had it long since freshman year. people tell me it nice and some are jealous their hair is not as good as mine.

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