objective passives Erik Campos-Lora

To make oneself an object, to make oneself passive, is a very different thing from being a passive object.

- Simone de buviour

there are people all around that choose to be a passive object. they choose to see and not speaking out against what they see. however there are also people who cant do a thing about what they witness. some are obligated to stay and do nothing.

people should consider doing something about situation they know isn't right. unlike Muersault from the stranger by Albert Camus. they should think of the children whose lives are in ruins and cant to a thing to help the situation. they should consider the ones who are poverty stricken without a chance to get a job.

Having the option to observe from a far to not become inconvenienced is not being a passive object by nature rather than choosing to be one.

There are people who do help when they see poverty and pain. People such as those who decide to feed the homeless,or to help clean the streets of left over gunk. People who do help. However no matter how much help there is someone will always be in need.

For those who don't have much are some of the ones who's truly don't choose to be a passive object, they are passive objects.

This picture signifies the hands of the poverty struck people who dont have any choice but to watch as the people around them suffer. Children especially cant help but to watch the most. The youth in foreign countries have little compaired to what the youth here have.

Obligatory passiveness, it's when people have no option but to be a passive object.

- a prime example would be children. They are too young to make a change, and their opinions are often over looked due to their age. Or strength.

In my opinion children are true passive objects. children see many things throughout their early days. some filled with happiness and joy whist others are filled with sadness and sorrow. some experience pain and cant do a thing about it.

This photo is a perfect explanation of choosing to be passive. It describes that people aren't in denial about what happens around them but that they are just choosing to accept it as reality

People may choose to become a passive object in order to protect themselves. For example in Gwyn, Aaron.“Albert Camus’ Poker-Faced’ Stranger’ Became A Much Needed Friend.” NPR, NPR, 10 Aug. 2014, Gwyn explained how Meursault became a sorts of friend.

Gwyn connected so much with the main character that it comforted him. Gwyn wanted to become like Meursault, he wanted to be detached from things in order to protect himself. He stated "Because, much as i wanted to, i couldn't really adopt Meursault's emotional detachment. It was plenty appealing: seemed like if you were detached that way, things might not hurt as bad."

I believe that everyone no matter how big or small, and no matter how rich or poor, everyone has felt as if they wish they could just stop feeling. That they would be able to escape if only they did have to feel pain or criticism.

I believe that people build fences in their head in order to achieve something. Similar to rose in Fences by August Wilson. She wants troy to build the fence because she wants to protect her family. People build fences in their minds to protect themselves. However sometimes the biggest threat is inside their head, just like the biggest threat was in her house. Troy was the threat to her family. People inner wants to become detached is how they can become a passive object. If someone continues to isolate themselves they will become distant to the things around them but they will still notice it. Which brings me to my next subject.

Some may saw that choosing to become a passive object is actually good. It helps people ignore all the buffoonery that goes on around them and therefore they choose to be passive around those subjects. Becoming passive could be a way to get what hey need to done at the appropriate time. This quote i found on Instagram of all things is perfect.

along with my and everyone else's opinion there will always be those who differ from us. However still Think about all the people who have been stripped away from what they can or can't do. People who could be living side by side feeling as if they are an outsider. Keep in mind of everyone that can’t help their situation. Think of those who have to be passive objects, not by choice but by circumstance.

A passive object is someone who cares not or ends up being disconnected from the outer things in the world. One way or another. A chosen passive object is someone who chooses to become it. To ignore the things around them, for what ever their reason may be

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