Doing the right thing by: Jack Doherty

Jack Doherty




7th grade was a good year for me: I had good grades, a lot of friends, everything was going great for me. Science class was fun for me I had a bunch of friends in there so I would always work with them. One day though me and my friend decided to work with someone who didn’t have many friends and was not very well liked. We felt bad for him so we worked with him out of kindness. So everything was going well me and my friend where doing work but, the kid was fooling around and not getting any work done. My friend whispered to me “We should just ditch him and let him work by himself” but I told him, “Let's just finish working with him and we won't have to do this again.” He was just trying to act cool and funny in front of us to get a laugh out of us but it didn’t work and it was just plain annoying. So we told him to stop because he was just being a distraction. He clearly did not get the memo because he kept doing it. So we decided maybe just to joke around a little bit I mean we felt bad so we decided to just go with it. So we joked around for a little bit but it started to get out of control when the jokes were getting a little too personal. We were shocked when he said one because it came out of nowhere. So the period ended and me and my friend were contempt on whether to tell on him. We thought that he was already low enough and telling on him wouldn’t help but if we tell on him could make him change his ways and become a more likable person. So we decided to tell our science teacher and he agreed that it was the right choice to tell on him as it will help him realize that saying harsh jokes doesn’t make him cool. So a day went by and me and my friend were called to the office separately to tell Mrs. Patton what had occurred when we were working. I told her, “We were just trying to be nice and work with him because he had no body else to work with but he was fooling around and being inappropriate”. She agreed it was the right choice to tell on him as it would make him realize that saying insulting things doesn't get you anywhere. Unfortunately, he still does the same kind of stuff he did back then and hasn’t taken to account of what he does wrong so he still lives hated by many people because of his actions. So I learned that even though someone might be hated already that if you speak out against him/her it could change yours and their life for the better.

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