Luis Reynoso is a Mexican creative producer based in Mexico City, Los Angeles and Miami. He studies in several schools of music and have a degree in musical production By Berklee Collage Of Music in Boston, Ma.
"Life without music would be a mistake"


As a filmmaker Luis has worked with artists of international stature to mention some of his credits appear in productions such as Emmanuel MTV unplugged, Alexander Acha and Twor Amigos (Emmanuel &Mijares).


Although he never studied design. Luis managed to communicate the ideas of everyday life from his own taste and particluar point of view, giving a unique touch to his creations.
Emmanuel "Esa Mujer" (single cover art)
Two'r Amigos (World Tour Art)
Manu Negrete "Tomar tu mano" (single cover art)
Luis Reynoso "Lo más grande" (single cover art)
Emmanuel The hits Tour (World Tour Art)


  • Music Production: 1,000dlls to 2,500dlls (per track, it includesrecording, music sequence, mix and master) if you need a budget for a full CD Production ask.
  • Music Sessions Video Production: 700dlls ( a full playback Filmed in a recording studio in 6 shot)
  • Music Video: (This depends on locations, banquet, actors, lighting, transportation and crew)
  • Design: 450 to 600dlls (Depending on the needs of the customer and the purposes of the product)