Published Books by Jennifer Webb Portfolio of Authored Books, Ebooks, and Journals

Jennifer Téresa Webb London Malavé Magdaléna Dávid is a Bestselling Author, an Artisan, Near-Death Experience, Sustainability and Spiritual Teacher

She has written and Proudly self-published over ten books, EBooks, journals and Compact disks! Her many talents and skills are all focused on sharing the truth about everlasting living through great creator. This acceptance is the first receiving of building a complete life.

Then based on accepting that we are each brought forth through GodSource's Consciousness by Choice, we can move into Acceptance of our own abilities as Creator on Mother Earth. Realizing we are amazing and blessed is what gives us the personal power to Create Self-love and a Positive Self-Image. That we are each worthy of having been brought forth through God's choice to create us and give us life, then we can accept this gift as the Second Receiving.

At this point we find that we can create through our choices and free-will, Protection, Happiness, and unlimited Abundance of Cash, Currency, Opportunities, Advancement, Excellent Body, Brains, and Thoughts. This acceptance is the Third Receiving.

Then we finally learn when and how to share with others the gifts given to us.

This receiving of Eternal Life through the consciousness of Great Creator is the First Gift to Wombanity (All humans come from consciousness, then the womb=therefore there was the egg before the hen...)

The second Receiving is the importance of self-creating a positive self-image (PSI).

The Third Receiving is the worthiness to receive organic abundance and free-will living.

The fourth receiving is actually the choice to share with others the fruits from Mother Earth. The other gifts to give are fruits of the trees, gardens, farming, prosperity, abundance, and Unconditional Love. It is from this choice, based on free-will, that we can reach for and attain vibrating at this frequency that enables us to finally share from our noble heart with others.

The integrated food production company, 'We Can Berries' is a sustainable business model built on natural rhythms gardening and canning of fruit berries into jams, jellies, fruit syrups, and pie fillings!.

The books presented here are available as Ebooks and/or Printed, Softcover Books!

Organic Gardening Basics: Grow A Garden!

This book on Organic Gardening is a great way to learn the basics on how to grow and maintain, and design an outdoor garden!

The Tree of Life: The Path To Self-Enlightenment

The Tree of Life is a book about spirituality and faith through God that we are connected to the source we are created from and provides a bridge to the physical realm we live in. When choosing the path of righteousness and enlightenment through free will, you as a Tree of Life as brought forth as a gift from God, can find inner enlightenment and thus become the Tree of Light, that is a lighthouse for others!

The Writer's Journal: 30 Days Visualizations

The Writer's Journal is powerful visualization writing exercise journal that takes you on a journey to beginning or finishing your latest book or great novel!

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