100 years of teacher education in Poland Wojciech Nawrocik (Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań)

The lecture will present statements of famous historical persons, living in antiquity and modern times, concerning the importance of teachers for the education of society and cultural development.

It will show the system of teacher education in Poland from 1918 to the present day and the role of higher education institutions in this system. Models of teacher education, especially physics teachers, developed by various opinion-forming teams will be presented. Some of the most important observations and conclusions from the very fruitful proceedings of the Congress of Physics Teachers Łódź 2018 and many articles on the subject will be quoted. I will present the figures of outstanding physics teachers: Rev. Józef Rogaliński, Prof. Arkadiusz Piekara, Prof. Szczepan Szczeniowski, Prof. Stefan Pieńkowski, Prof. Grzegorz Białkowski, who have been very distinguished for educating generations of physics teachers.

Activities undertaken in many centers supporting deepened physical and pedagogical knowledge of teachers (didactic schools, post-graduate studies, European meetings of physics and science teachers) and encouraging students to take a broader interest in physics (competitions, trips to universities, Festival Science on Stage) will be presented.

In particular, the strengths and weaknesses of the current system of teacher education will be discussed. Opinions of several outstanding physics teachers on the current situation and its improvement will be presented.

The methods of preparing students for the teaching profession, continuous further education of teachers and improving the quality of physics teaching from kindergarten to secondary schools will also be discussed.

The activity of Polish Physical Society in improving the qualifications of physics teachers will be shown.

Prof. Wojciech Nawrocik is a senior professor at the Faculty of Physics of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

In 1987-91 he was director of the Institute of Physics, and in 1993-1999 he was the first dean of the Faculty of Physics and chairman of the Forum of Deans and Directors of Institutes of Physics.

His scientific interests concern dielectric properties and the structure and molecular dynamics of molecular systems studied by neutron scattering methods. He has performed neutron research during his multiple scientific visits to the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna.

At the Faculty of Physics of Adam Mickiewicz University for many years he lectured mechanics and introduction to solid-state physics, gaining high marks of the students of these lectures.

From the beginning of his employment at UAM he actively participated in popularizing physics. He gave many popular science lectures at the faculty, as well as in schools and universities of adult people.

For his didactic and popularizing activities, he was repeatedly awarded, among others, by PAP and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Polish Physical Society, and the city of Leszno granted him the title of Honorary Resident.

For many years Prof. Nawrocik organized national festivals first Physics on Stage and then Science on Stage with the participation of teachers and students from all over Poland. Teachers whose presentations were awarded participated in the European Physics on Stage and Science on Stage festivals. Participation in these festivals gave teachers of physics and sciences a chance to deepen their knowledge and exchange experiences.

October 18, 2020 r. at 9:15 am

Auditorium of the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw


Photos by Marek Nowak UAM