Cause and Effects Exploration Maria Alexandra diaz nieves Mr.meninga world history 2B

Bartolome de las casas center conquering


Spain looks several steps to slablish.

Spain looks several steps to slablish an effective colonial government.

holders of encomienda's who were found guilty of mistreating native Americans had their encomienda's taken a way.


legal status of natives.

new kind of peaceful colonialism.

become a friar.

European Exploration


European desire for new trade routes.

growing power and wealth of European nations.

competition for trade.


knowledge grows about other religions.

European and native Americans clash.

Enslavement of Africans.

Spanish Armada war against England


English were attacleins Spanish ships.

the navy tried to invade the battle of grave lines in July of 1588.

the navy was a failed invasion so you may want to compare them to failed infestations and successful invaders.


The defeat of the Spanish armada is one of the most famous events in English history.

Spain was the most powerful country in the world.

Elizabeth takes over the treasures of the pirates to help the people of the Netherlands.

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