Traits By Tashubi Blackowl

Dimples are a trait they is a depression in the cheek . see picture below

this little girl has 1 dimple on her right cheek

Dimples are a dominate trait neither of my parents have them but all, of my sisters do but none of my brothers do ! Crazy right.

earlobe attachment is a ressesive trait wich means its more dominat .

earlobe attachted (left ) and detacted (right )

earlobe detachment is a verry resseive trait in my family.

widows peak

In my moms side of the family has a good trait of widows peaks even I have one !!

the left thumb is over the right thumb

In my family most of us are right handed and our right thumb goes on top . we have dominat trait of right handedness.

in the photo the girl has curly hair

Curly hair is a trait on both sides of my family . I am half black so I was most likely going to have curly hair anyways .


In the picture above you can see most of my traits. I have brown eyes ,light brown skin , I do have dimples but you cant see them in this photo , I have a detached earlobe and of corse my CURLY hair . All of these traits are dominat but they make me well.. ME !

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