LONDON 2018 Gentry / ANN

London is one of the greatest cities on earth. When the chance came to visit for the UK Toy Fair we were there. There is a lot of yoyo hype in the UK right now. Kids have done fidget spinners and are looking for the next pocket fun.

Ann above the hustle and bustle

While there is a small but healthy yo-yo scene in the UK, this trip didn't leave much time to see them. With any luck, we can make yoyo bigger and catch up with them on the next visit.

Clean lines. Gentry Stein / Shutter

Ann was coming from Prague, Gentry from California. With only 1 real free day, it was going to be busy! Transport in London is great. Tube, bus, ferry, train... but the best way to see anything is to walk it, so we set off from the London Tower, seeing the bridge, Southbank, Parliament, Westminster Abbey before heading over to Buckingham Palace then into the West End to meet up with YoYoFactory boss YoHans and our man in the UK, Craig Squires. Craig is a former UK Champ and long term friend and handy magician if you need something to appear or disappear.

Buckingham Palace

The next day Toy Fair was ON. Media day means super busy. Hans was off filming with a Network TV show most of the day leaving Gentry and Ann to hold it down with news, local TV and print media visitors. Hans got back in time to take on a Guinness World record, which he successfully broke! This will be his 2 personal record. He used the LOOP720 to break the most inside loops in 1 minute record. The rest of the day was spent meeting retailers who will be carrying YoYoFactory Yoyos in the UK in 2018.

London Toy Fair

Toy Fairs are long days. This one was 'only' 3 days. In between the work there is always time for fun and Gentry and Ann love to play. We met a few players at the fair and taught a bunch of industry folk all about yoyo. We are really excited to see more players coming up in the UK this year.

Gentry not listening to his mother.... playing in traffic.

Thanks to Wilton Bradley our distributor partner in the Uk and yoyofactory.co.uk for hosting our visit. Excited to come back, see more of the country, meet some more players and teach some new ones!

Until next time....

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