My Life With Technology By: Gonzalo Guerrero

Digital Narrative

As a kid, my family had a computer but it was meant for work. My older brothers and sisters used it for schoolwork and my parents used it for emails and other stuff. I always tried playing on it but got bored easily because it only offered pinball, painting, and solitary. The computer ran Windows 7 and was very slow. At the time, I thought it was awesome because I had started leaning how to use the internet and figuring out what it was. One of the first social media sites I had was mySpace and I would always check on it uploading new images and backgrounds.

Technology has been around for decades and had been affiliated with my schooling, personal life, and world. Technology is a way to communicate, explore, and gain information via internet. At 4 to 5 years old, I remember having the basic technological advancements in a household like our computer and cable television. Although, I rarely used our computer because my family used it as a working space, which didn’t include gaming and that was the only thing I saw it as. Once I started school, we used technology in the classroom learning how to type and do the basics on a computer. As early as 3rd grade, we had a designated period for computer lab time, during which we would work on a typing programs or take reading test. Once I hit middle school, technology had advanced greatly in the classrooms using computers for presentations and assignments, and in school with almost every other kid owning the latest smart phone.

The first time i came to know technology was when my family purchased a brand new TV and applied cable to it. I had watched TV before, but only for movies and watched TV through an old antenna so never really got interested. I remember thinking it was the coolest things to have cable TV because everything that was on the air, I loved. Also, it is when i really started getting into cartoons and sports. As a kid, I remember coming home and watching Tom and Jerry almost everyday though 1st grade. It was that, or I was re-watching my favorite movie of all time, The Sandlot.
I got my first cellphone when I was about 12, entering 7th grade. it was a big year for me because I had just entered middle school and sports were now more important then ever. My parents got me a phone strictly for calling them after practice, or letting them know where I was. It was a simple plan that included about 1000 minutes calling and unlimited texting, so I started texting quite a bit early on. I had a Samsung sliding phone that was literally unbreakable, and I cant tell you how many times i dropped it, stepped on it, or got it wet. I later upgraded in high school but the flip phone was one hell of a phone.

I didn’t have a phone until the start of middle school. The reason my parents finally budged and decided to purchase one for me was all thanks to sports. They wanted to know when, where, and what I was doing because I had a busier schedule after school. I had a scrappy little flip one that was literally indestructible and only allowed for calling and a set amount of messaging, so I really wasn’t using much except when necessary. But one thing I did very much enjoy about it was that it could hold music. I love music and am a huge music enthusiast. To me, music is a way to escape and embrace into someones else art. I love attending concerts and try to as much as possible.

In high school,my parents wouldn't buy me a new phone, so I had to get one myself. At the time, they were to expensive for me and I was always using my money towards sports buying new equipment and traveling. My brother had an iPhone he was fixing but never finished it because he upgraded to the newest one, He had it sitting and one day told me I could have it if I put it together. It was my first iPhone and first real smartphone. I took up on his offer and the first iPhone i put together took me around 2 days. Compared to now, I can finish putting together any iPhone in about 45 minutes. I got really good and people were always breaking their phone and complaining they didn't want to get it fixed because it cost to much. I saw this as an opportunity and began fixing them for a profit.

Once I entered high school, technology had advanced greatly into the hands of the user and smartphones were the turn of the decade. I wanted a new phone but my parents did not think the same, mainly because they had the same one as I did and believed it worked just fine. I had to take matters and into my own hands and purchase my first touch screen phone. At the time, it was worth around $80 dollars and didn’t do much but I thought it was amazing because I didn’t have to press any buttons to use it. That didn’t last very long because the iPhone and other more technologically advanced smartphones were in the market. I couldn’t afford the newest technology nor could my family, so I had to improvise. My brother had an extra iPhone he was fixing himself but he decided to upgrade and never finished his project. One day I was at his house and he saw my phone and laughed, then said "I have an extra iPhone if you want it, but you just have to put it together." After that, I learned all about the iPhone 4 and continued doing so with future models.

Once i started learning about phones, I started getting familiar with most of the latest phones. The first phone i fixed was an iphone 4 and ever since then i have learned about latest models. AS the year progressed and technology getting more advanced, I kept up to date with iphones and galaxies. Each new model released I would play with and learn about. I would take them apart and put them back together with what i remembered while I was taking it apart. In order to do so, I learned you have to be steady, slow. and use the precise tools so everything will be easier.

My sophomore year of high school I started working with smart phones like the iPhones and Samsung Galaxies. I learned how to fix, take apart, and rebuild these phones myself, but I liked to mainly work with iPhones. I kind of started my own illegal business charging people to mainly replace their screens or anything else that was wrong with it. Once I got very good, I bought broken iPhones off resale websites such as Facebook groups and Craigslist and rebuilt them. I would then sell them close to the original price because I thought they were pretty much new, and almost tripled my profit. To this day, I still operate with iPhones whenever I need to and am always the go to guy.

I got my first laptop when I started college and bought it myself. It was sort of a big thing because I had never had one, yet all my older siblings did. I was also excited because I knew I would be able to do my work anywhere now, and not rely so heavily on my resources as I always did. I was also very excited because I wanted to start working with Adobe software's and get better then I am now. Now I'm able to watch movies, use social media, and work with different programs for fun. I recently downloaded a music producing software that I will mess around with a bit because I love music.

As I fell deeply into the technology world, I also feel deeply inside the classroom. Working with smartphones influenced me to take interest in more than just mobile technology. I joined tons of computer classes and worked on building websites, different adobe software’s, and eventually dedicated my career to the world of technology. Though I did not have much technology personally, I would use my resources, improvise, and took great interest with computers. The beginning of my college freshman year was when I purchased my very first personal computer. Its allowed me to continue exploring and grasping more knowledge about technology. Technology has always been around my life and has influenced my path immensely. Without my own interest into this new technological world, I wouldn’t of pursued into learning the things I know do and affiliate my future 100% with technology.


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