2017: The Year of the Active Learning Classroom The Instructional Design Perspective Melody Buckner Director of Digital Learning and Online Education University of Arizona

Goals of the Active Learning Initiative

  • Drive the culture of the university into a more engaging learning experience for students
  • Hacking classrooms by taking existing spaces and converting them into impactful centers of learning
  • Grassroots group of faculty into Faculty Learning Community to promote conversations on the student learning experience

Instructional Design Opportunities and Challenges

  • Classroom management is the biggest issue
  • Group organization (random, pick, gender diversity, rotate, size-4 is best)
  • Hold students accountable for work
  • Rules/protocol are vital
  • Support team (Teaching Assistants)

Instructional Design Opportunities and Challenges

  • Creation of the task is critical!
  • It must be appropriate and engaging, so students are not off task.
  • Three factors to consider:
  • Length
  • Rigor
  • Chunking

Real time formative assessment

  • Add value to learning outcome
  • Create opportunities to reflect
  • Scaffold to more advanced task
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Melody J Buckner

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