Headteacher School Update 17th August 2020



Welcome to our first school update of session 2020 - 2021. This week has seen the very welcome return of our young people to our school campus. Although our routines and procedures have been adapted for the well-being of everyone, there is no doubt a great relief to have the familiar presence of our young people back in classes.

Our return and first week has been extremely positive and I would like to extend a particular warm welcome to our parents and carers of S1. Wednesday was a very enjoyable day getting to meet our new pupils and they all left a great first impression. We certainly have high hopes for their time in Lornshill Academy.

Although systems, routines and procedures are slightly different, our focus for the year ahead is not. Learning must be our priority and ensuring our young people progress. There are many aspects that have emerged from our time in lockdown and as we reconnect with pupils we will explore what aspects might be worth keeping and or exploring. I am very optimistic for the year ahead and I look forward to our young people progressing and achieving throughout the session.

Please stay safe and take care.

Kind regards: Mr Black (Headteacher)

Health and Safety

I fully understand that as we return to school there will be a level of concern. However, as a school we have participated in 3 rounds of health and safety checks to ensure we are doing all we can to minimise risk within the parameters of our school.

There are clear guidelines for schools to follow should there be a concern. Should there ever be a need to close our school or inform particular households this would be communicated directly to parents.

The wellbeing of all young people and staff is our central focus as we return to school. There are important actions that everyone can take to support this, anyone who,

  • has the symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) - a new persistent cough, fever, loss of sense of smell and / or taste - should STAY AT HOME and arrange for coronavirus testing;
  • is living with someone who has coronavirus symptoms should stay at home and follow the guidance;
  • has returned (or come) to Scotland from a country which is not exempt from the UK quarantine rules, should stay at home following the guidance.


Thanks to all parents and carers for supporting us by ensuring our young people attended school, were dressed in full school uniform and provided lunches so we can keep all pupils on campus over the lunch break. This support was warmly welcomed by all of our staff and it is very much appreciated. I would extend that thanks also to the parents who are using the school drop off point and not entering the school carpark. It is important that we can ensure staff have safe access and that we don't endanger our young people. Thanks again.

Who to contact

As we move into the new session 2020-2021, each year group will have the following members of the senior leadership team as their year head.

S1: Mr Arnold (DHT) - clparnold@glow.sch.uk
S2: Mr Clancy (DHT) - cltgclancy@glow.sch.uk
S3: Mr Burrell (Acting DHT) clrburrell@glow.sch.uk
S4: Mr Murray (DHT) - clemurray@glow.sch.uk
S5/6: Mrs McMaihin (DHT) - clhmcmaihin@glow.sch.uk

Lornshill Academy School App

Please take time to download our school app where we will post messages and updates.

Please ensure we have a current mobile telephone number so you can be informed about school updates by text.

Please ensure we have a current email address so you can be informed about school updates.


I am sure most parents and carers are aware of the issues that surrounded this years SQA examinations. However, although there will always be success and some disappointments I am delighted that our pupils will receive the grades estimated by their teachers as a fair reflection of their work and progress last session.

Before the decision to award estimated grades was made, we had achieved the highest levels of performance in the history of our school. We now await to see what the new figures will be, but we are already moving on to ensure pupils build on their successes. I am extremely proud of the effort, work and dedication across our school community and the level of performance we are now seeing across our pupil body.

Session 2020-2021

As the term and year progresses we hope to be able to function more normally as Government guidance allows. We will inform parents and carers of any key changes to procedures, examination courses and permissions as we are informed. We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.

I would like to thank in advance all parents and carers for their support throughout the coming session. Through our challenges this year it has highlighted our strong sense of community and resilience to achieve regardless of the challenges we face. I look forward to building on this as we take the next steps as a school community with a strong focus on learning.