Dog Tags: Semper Fido by C. Alexander London

Published April 30th 2013 by Scholastic

Another Book in the Dog Tags series

Loki is a black lab

In this entry in the Dog Tags series, the story is focused on United States marine Gus Dempsey and his bomb sniffing dog Loki. Loki turns out to be more of a pet dog rather than the bomb hunting dog he is trained to be.

Gus, however, is not Loki's first handler. His first handler was killed when using his body and armor to protect Loki during an artillery attack.

During their first patrol, Gus and Loki not only find in a hut in the near village, a large amount of wires which could be used to make Improvised Explosive Devices, IEDs, they are also ambushed and afterward they find the body of a boy who had earlier petted Loki while they were entering the village.

As the two are posted on mountain top outpost, Gus must try his best to keep his new friend behaved to keep the other marines in the platoon safe.

I enjoyed reading the book and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading books like this.


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