Ming emperor or Tokugawa?

Compare and contrast: Ming emperors had a lot of power but the 20,000 mandarin scholars who ran the administration were the ones who really had the power and ran the government. They were the stopping force that didn't allow the emperors to do what they pleased. The ming emperors were very selfish and didnt care much for others. The Wanli emperor caused a crisis that brought the government to a standstill for 10 years. Tokugawa was much different. During this time Japan was in a state of isolationism. The emperors didn't allow ideas from barbarian westerns but welcomed chinese and korean ones. The emperors also controlled merchants and shipping to make sure trading went well. During this time merchants and peasants prospered. I would consider the Tokugawa very successful compared to the Ming who caused civil unrest and eventual civil war in their country. The Ming didnt leave much of a legacy compared to the Tokugawa. The Tokugawa had a very positive impact and left a great legacy behind. They had a very positive impact causing a great peace in their time. The ming however had a negative impact causing the government to come to a standstill and not being able to cope with ecological disasters. I would've choose the Tokugawa because I would like to have seen my country become prosperous.

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