Little Fairy based on Angenia creations tutorial

You can find Angenia's tute here:

make a ball of flesh color
Flatten it a little
With your little finger or a tool, press gently to make a curve
like this
arrange it the way you like
Press with the ball tool to make holes for the eyes
make 2 small balls of white clay
make sure they're the right size
Flatten with ball tool
now make 2 smaller balls of black clay
place them
the same with blue or other color
then with smaller black balls of clay
tiny flatten balls of white make the eyes more lively :)
Now make tiny snakes of black or brown
add the eyelashes
Flatten again
Here we are :)
Choose the hair color and run it through your pasta machine
make it look like hair on both sides
Place the head on it
cut around
make snakes of hair color and flatten them
start placing the hair
here's my version :) I find her cute this way
Here I've made a skinner blend with shades of glittery blues
I cut a little bit of the darker
and made a snake with it
also put a little flesh color to make the neck
Then, as in Angenia Creations' tutorial, I made the wings, cutting then in my blend
then adding black
stretching the black with the toothpick
then I add little white dots
and shaped the wings
Now place the wings on the back (I've put them between the back and the hair)
Make the legs
place them on the body
I thinned a little bit of the blend
Here's the first part of the skirt
I choose to put a second part here
and the third on the back (I love back to be nice if possible)
Adding one arm
Then the other
A little make up :)
And a smile :) Here she is! Hope you like her!!
Created By
Frédérique Pittet

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