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I draw inspiration from lots of aspects of my life. People that are positive and stoked make me happy. Kids that are shredding beyond their years and older guys who have the contagious happiness that comes from connecting with their art. Working with friends doing what I love is a miracle. Helping you choose the right designs without testing a couple thousand of them is my passion. My life has been a unique adventure and I look forward to the future with humble thanks. I am honored to be able to offer you these slices of my personal happines.

In surfing there are hidden subtleties everywhere...thats where style lives...thats where art is born. - Cj



CJ’s favorite surfboard of all time. Originally shaped by Washington’s Dane Purlee and now resurrected and tweaked by Californian shaper Ryan Engle. This is an updated replica of the board CJ rode in Thomas Campbell’s movie “the Sprout”. Without a doubt, the best nose riding surfboard CJ has ever owned. Regarded by many as the best noserider of all time, this board was designed to take to Malibu or Scorpion bay and hang ten. A must-have for any point break, tip dwelling, longboard enthusiast.

The Guerrero model is something fresh and exciting. Starting with the rocker used in the Dead Kooks Nausea model we added some extra curve in the front 18 inches giving a nice clean and consistent rocker curve improving hold on the nose, stable and fast trim from a forward position and precise control and drive from the rear. The outline is a nod to some late 60’s Australian favorites, pulling in the ears out front and carrying width just behind center providing a nice hip to work from.

One of the most functional designs of the “shortboard revolution” re-worked by CJ and Ryan. A true speed hull that puts feel and rider enjoyment first, this board is a life changer. Digging into the history books, referencing MP, Nat and all of the transition era sliders we picked up where they left off and applied our modern knowledge to make this functional beauty. If you’re looking to size down from your longboard or looking for a one board quiver to travel the world with, there’s not a better surfboard to fulfill your needs.

Cj will never forget his first wave on this design. He says it’s the most important wave he’s ever ridden. Complete release and control. As he kicked out at the bottom of the point on his very first wave he knew that everything he had done and known in surfing was over. He had fallen into the rabbit hole of magical feels and once you’ve felt it, there’s no turning back. This board changed everything.

Long time friend and cosmic shredder extraordinaire, Kassia Meador brings her special artistic touch to the Guerrero. Get in touch with your inter light and slide a few on this incredible art collaboration board.



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