Women in the army By:Stephen Calk

Women in the Army have a hard time getting into certain units solely because of their gender. Based off of an article published in the Army Times, only three women have passed through the infantry unit of ranger school. Clearly, this shows that the evaluation process for getting into ranger school is tailored to men, which affects women’s chances of acceptance because the obstacle courses are extremely challenging on the human body. Meghann Myers, a journalist for the Army Times, stated that, “Air Force Special Operations Command, Marine Corps Special Operations Command and Naval Special Warfare Command -- home of the SEALs -- have not yet gotten a woman through their pipelines” (Army Times). This quote demonstrated that although some units are accepting women in, the majority are not because the military feels, although women are mentally resilient, they cannot do the same physical courses men can do. In conclusion, women should be granted the right to be accepted into speciality units if they are able to complete the same courses and training men can do.

Similarly, in the Civil Right era, women were fighting for equality. During the Revolutionary War, women were suppressed to low ranked jobs. A website, Women in the Army, states that, “Women served the US. Army in traditional rules such as nurses, seamstresses, and cooks.” (Woman in the Army) This clearly shows women were forced into and limited to domestic positions opposed to being allowed to fight in the war. Similarly, today women are limited to the jobs they can get in the army, such as being in the most elite special forces. Clearly, women during the Civil Rights era fought for the same rights as women now regarding women in the Army.

Although some people say that women did not fight for women in the army back then. During the World War’s, after the men went to war, women’s main goal was to get work to support their families. Evidence from Women’s land Army, states, “The Women's Land Army (WLA) was a British civilian organisation created during the First and Second World Wars so women could work in agriculture, replacing men called up to the military.” (Women’s Land Army) Clearly, based on the evidence, women during the civil rights era main goal was to get work not join the army. What women fought for back then is very different as to today because women now want to be in the army and make it into very elite units.

To help the cause of getting strong smart women in the special unites people can do a numerous amount of things. On www.goarmy.com, anyone has the ability to email the Army and be heard. On the website, everyone has the ability to talk to an army recruiters to help get women in the courses they want to get into. Also people can make web pages that promote women in the army to spread the message to all United States citizens. Last, people can do peaceful protests to get their voice heard in their city. Women in the Army are very important and every girl should have the option to get into any unit they want.

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