Amazing Architects Year 3

The Amazing Architects have been pulling together all of their designs, drawings and mock-ups this week in preparation for the visit from their Client, Malala. She is coming on Friday to have the plans for the school the Amazing Architects have been designing for the children of Pakistan presented to her. She has been working on behalf of the Pakistan Government.

Some of the Architects worked carefully to create a mock-up of the school they had designed. They will be completing them this week, ready for friday.

The sewing team completed some fantastic stitching on the prayer mats they were making for the prayer room in the school.

We needed to write a response to a letter Malala had written us so there was also a letter writing team.

We also had a team of Architects who were busy making a 3D model of the school.

This week we will be busy getting everything ready for Malala’s visit on Friday.