Down The Mountain

Do you like sports and being with your friends? If you said yes than skiing is the sport for you. You can hang out with friends, be outside and exercise. It can be a great thing to do in the winter. If you don’t have a winter sport, or even if you do, skiing is a great day activity to do on a day that you don’t have anything. You also get to be outside. Skiing is a outdoor sport. It is a very active sport. You get a lot of exercise doing it which helps you do other things. For all these reasons you should try skiing.

Section 1

I Fell Fall Falls

Being safe is super important. If you are safe than everyone around you is. If you are not save then it can not only hurt yourself but others too.You can get in really bad situations. Being safe means being aware of your surroundings. If you are a beginner you should stay where you are out of the way of more experienced people. They could be coming fast down the hill. If you don’t watch out you can get hit pretty hard. You should probably start on the bunny hill. This hill is smaller and all the other beginners start there. You should also wear a helmet. You might see other people not wearing one but you should for safety. You should always be safe.

Pizza is the name of the easiest way of slowing down while skiing.

The Pizza Section 2

How do I stop and go? Well if you want to stop the easiest way is to do the pizza. This is when you put your skies in a triangle shape, but not touching. It is easiest if you go down the mountain like that. If you get going really fast, and out of your control then it is best it you just fall down. As you get better you should stop by turning really quick . You should do the pizza first but as you get better you should start turning to stop. Stopping is important to know how to do. To go you can do it a couple of ways. One way is you can pick up your feet and push yourself. You usually use this way when you are on flat ground. Another way is that when you get off the chairlift you just turn and go down the mountain. This gives you more propulsion when you are going down the mountain. The best way to go is when if you use poles you can use them to push yourself. If you do then when you are going down the mountain tuck them into your sides to go really fast. But it will take a while to learn, You go slow when you first start. If you need more help going and stopping then you can take some lessons. They always help. You should learn to stop and go.

Shiver, Sweat, Or snow

Section 3

What do I wear? A dress? No. If you ski you want to wear warm clothing. It can get below zero up in the mountains. So you want to wear snow pants. Also you can get long underwear. It is not underwear but is pants and a long sleeve shirt that keeps the hot air in. You also want to wear a warm jacket and gloves. You might be able to fit a hat under your helmet, if you don’t most helmets have pieces that cover the ears. You want to wear socks that are high. Your clothing should be waterproof. They can get ruined if they aren’t. The last thing is you should have glasses. If it is snowing the glasses come in handy. You can see better and it keeps your face warm. Having the proper wear is a big part of skiing.

Lift It On Up

Section 4

Are you scared to go on or get off the chair lift? Well this might change your mind. To get on the chair lift you simply get in line. Then you move so when the chair comes then you are lined up with it. When the chair comes you simply sit down on it. To be safe you should put down the handle bar. You put your skis on top of the ski bar. It is located at the bottom of the chair lift where you put your feet. You then just enjoy the ride. Until...You get up the mountain then you lift up the bar and when you get closer you start to lean forward but always hold on. You put your skis on the ground and push off the chair lift. If you are at a mountain with a gondola you take off your skis to go inside. You just wait til the top and then get off and put your skis on up there. Getting on and off the chair lift isn’t as hard ass you think.

If you read this I hope that you will try skiing, after what I told you about it. Remember how to stop and go, How to be safe, what to wear, and how to get off a chairlift or gondola. I hope you have a great time skiing!


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