" Napoleon's three mistakes" BY: Brooklyn, Yulisa, Monique

The Continental system

  • Was named this because it was supposed to make continental Europe seem more self- sufficient
  • He ordered a blockade to prevent all trade and communication between great Britain and other European nations. Wasn't tight enough, so smugglers were able to bring cargo.
  • His own brother Louis whom he made king defied the policy because the blockade only weekend the British but did not destroy them.
  • The continental system hurt Napoleon more then his enemies It had weekend there economies of France.

The Peninsular War

  • For his second costly mistake, he sent an army to Portugal he was ignoring his continental system so he replaced the Spanish king with his brother Joseph. The Spanish people were outraged and remained loyal to there formal monarch.
  • Many Spanish Catholics were afraid because of the church because it had been weekend do to the french revolution.
  • For five years a Spanish group called Guerrillas attacked French armies in Spain, and were a group that Napoleon could defeat.
  • In the Peninsular War Napoleon had lost 300,000 men.
  • The Spanish Guerrillas, Germans

The Invasion of Russia

  • For his most disastrous mistake of all when he became allies with Russia he decided to break the alliance and attack Russia.
  • Russia practiced a scorched-earth policy when they burn grain and slaughter live stock.
  • On September 7th 1812 there was a battle of Borodino. the advantage swung back and forth between Russians and french.
  • When Napoleon entered Moscow it had been in flames, because Alexander set it on fire instead of surrendering it to the French.

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