History in Southern Africa Lesson 2

History of Southern Africa

Rise of Kingdoms

  • Ivory, gold, copper, and other goods moved form the interior to the east coast.

Great Zimbabwe

  • The capital was a city called Great Zimbabwe.
  • Great Zimbabwe was abandoned in the 1400's, possibly because its growing population exhausted it water and food resources.

The Mutapa Empire

  • The Portuguese arrived and took over the coastal trade in the 1500
  • The Rozwi conquered the Mutapa's territory and ruled it until the early 1800's.

Other Kingdoms

  • Shaka was killed in 1828.
  • The Zulu leader Shaka united his people in the early 1800s to form the Zulu Empire in what is now South Africa.

European Colonies

  • Around 1500, Portugal and other European countries began establishing settlements along the African coast.

Clashes in South Africa

  • The Dutch became known as Boers.

The Union of South Africa

  • In the 1860s the Boers discover diamonds in their territory.

Colonialism in Other Areas

  • Mauritius and Seychelles were British colonies.

"Which European country claimed the most territory in South Africa in the 1800's?"

  • The territories of Great Britain

Independence and equal rights

  • In other places it was harder to achieve freedom.

The End of Portuguese Rule

  • Revolts for independence broke out in Angola in 1961 and in Mozambique in 1964.

The Birth of Zimbabwe

  • Rhodesia's African population demanded the right to vote.

Equal Rights in Southern Africa

  • English South Africans controlled the government until the end of World War 2
  • The new government leaders began enacting laws that created a system called a apartheid.
  • In 1995 the new government created a truth and reconciliation commission.


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