Reach the Moon Books Make You Tall

Once there was a boy who loved to run fast, like the wind.

The wind was his friend and would whistle for him to come out and play.

The boy learned to make paper airplanes and fly them in the wind. The wind liked blowing the boy’s airplane along beside the running boy.

The boy had a brother who did not run as fast. His brother loved to ride on turtles and swim with the turtle.

The two brothers had a Grandpa, the best Grandpa ever, who had a black dog named Z. Z loved to run and chase with the two boys and loved to lick them to show them how much Z loved them.

One day, the boy was running in the green grass so fast he almost fell in a hole next to a tree. He stopped and stooped down to look into the hole and saw a green frog staring up at him.

The frog started croaking and singing and told the boy that he was once a prince and that he turned into a frog because he did not learn how to read.

He asked the boy, Are you going to school and learning how to read?

The boy said, Oh yes! And my mom and dad and teachers all help me learn to read.

Good, said the frog, now help me out of this hole and I too will help you. So the boy gently picked up the frog and put him in his pocket and took him home.

Well, you cannot imagine what happened next. When the boy got home, the frog turned into a beautiful cat! And the boy and the cat became good friends and painted pictures and read books together.

And before you could say Cat tails and Dog ears, the boy became a really good reader who could not only run fast but a boy who loved books.

And the boy became really smart because he read so many books and learned so many things and it was like all the good books he read made him really tall.

Tall enough to reach the moon and the stars.


Created with images by CircaSassy - "A child's garden of verses (1909)" • cote - "At the stationary store" • geralt - "comic fig child" • laterjay - "reading school education" • eyeImage - "frog fair boy"

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