Tour of the Harn By Meredith Lilley


We see artwork all the time in magazines, books, online, on tv, all the time, but seeing it in person gives one a totally different appreciation for the work. The “Face Mask (deangle)” pictured above was incredible, it was displayed in the African Culture exhibit and I was immensely fascinated by it. The author was unknown, but the the 3D medium, and its composition of wood, cotton, cowrie shells, glass beads, and kaolin was so detailed I came to close the the piece the sensor went off. (oops). The piece was from the Dan people in Liberia and I felt much more closer to their history— it spoke to me. I felt gratified and much more interested in learning about African culture and other cultures after seeing this piece.


“Mirror, Mirror.. Portraits of Frida Kahlo” exhibit drew me in. It was my favorite exhibit. There were fifty seven photos of Frida Kahlo, an inspiring woman, by multiple photogagphers. The design of the exhibit appealed to me because it was all set around this one women. Kahlo, changed lives and I could tell how strong of a women she was through the photographers portrayal of her in the photographs. The space between each photos, and the different angles the different photographers were able to make out about Frida Kahlo drew me into this exhibit. I also liked how they had a multimedia presentation going on in the exhibit as well. I left “Mirror, Mirror” feeling inspired and proud of the feets woman have overcome throughout history.


Ever since I was young, I’ve always craved adventure. It is an important value to me, and Frank Stella’s “Zandvoort” encompasses every aspect of “adventure.” Thought Stella’s versatile colors, shapes, 3D structures, it brought me and even closer understanding of the term adventure. Being adventurous involves travel, meeting people, and also involves going through hard times. Staring at this piece for awhile initially brought me happiness but also brought me the realization of reality. Adventuring around isn’t always just fun. It made me understand how much I need to appreciate what I have right now in the moment.


The Good Life encompasses many aspects, that are all different from person to person. The Paula and Marshal Criser Garden I believe encompasses the theme of happiness. Personally, I’m happiest when I’m in nature and also feel most connected to my self. The sculpture “Junchiteca de pie” by Fraciso Zuniga is also present in the garden and is of a human. This adds to encompassing the Good Life because its a human in nature. As I stared outside at this garden It communicated pure happiness to myself.

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