K(potassium) by jasmine moore

element symbol - K

element name - potassium

atomic number - 39.10

number of protons-( ) ,neutrons-( ) ,electrons- ( )

atomic mass number - 39.098

potassium- is a metal

Humpry Davy discovered this element

this element was discovered in 1807

potassium was used as salt and fertilizers

chemical properties such as - chloride or used as a metal or iron for objects or the body

physical properties was used as food substances such as fruits and tomato which is known for as a veggie/ fruit

unusual facts about it was that it's the 7th element known to humans at the time, also that it was found through electrolysis

more unusual facts was that it was used as a weapon to society and that it was very known to the human nature

now it is used thru foods such as chips mainly, fruit, juices and etc

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