The Severity of Sin When people sin a punishment is given

Snakes, snakes everywhere. At the camp of the Israelites snakes have been crawling everywhere. Death has hit many, snakes, poisonous, deadly. Just a few days ago the Israelites asked Moses, leader of the group, to save them, they were all sorry. They have grumbled and complained to God, having no food or water, they wanted the best even when God gave them food. God has shown mercy to them many times but did they care? No, they grumbled about not having the best, they wanted more. Now God sent snakes as a punishment and the snakes sent death.

This picture was taken by a Israelite, named Hannah.

Some have found hidden snakes around branches and trees. Mases seemed true to his word one day ago he said " God has answered your cry, whoever looks at the bronze snake shall live." Now, he was referring to a snake made of bronze he made. Israelites are all talking about it. Tomas and his friends didn't agree they whispered " Moses is lying guys we can't trust him anyways." "Yah, he lead us out here without water and food, he should have planned ahead." Another said "Why do we have to look at that snake anyways we can make our own." However some Israelites think that Moses is telling the truth. Ruth said "Well Moses provided food and water before so I think I believe in him." Everyone is arguing. But the truth was revealed. "I was bitten by the snake and after I looked at the snake I am living!" Josiah shouted. After few more attempts Israelites are changing their minds. God is the most powerful of the powerful. Never doubt the Lord.

Some do not think as much for sin but after this incident many have changed their thoughts. We must be thankful for what God has given.


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