Sport Survey

  • I choose the topic of sports.
  • I choose this topic because I know a lot of students at Monroe play sports.
  • This survey was to show what sports people played, if they played the sports at Monroe, and what sports they think Monroe should offer to their students.
what sports do you want Monroe to have? that was my question.The purpose of my question was to find the most common sports and the sport most people wanted Monroe to have at the school.
All of my survey participants are in the seventh grade.
Most of the sports people played were not played at Monroe.
Most people wanted to play tennis, lacrosse, and baseball.
what I found was kind of what i was expecting. most people wanted Monroe to add lacrosse and most common sports they played were soccer and basketball.
One thing I found surprising about my results was that zero out of the eight people that were surveyed did not want to play football or softball at Monroe, but they would like to play the sports if they weren't at Monroe.
My results from my survey supports the thought that the most wanted sport from Monroe is lacrosse.
What i would change is the way i worded my questions and put them in a better order so the answers they choose are not forced. This way i would get more accurate data.
Created By
Alexis Dees


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