The Mummy 2017 movies

The Mummy is back after a long time hiatus, which started on 1999 starred Brendan Frazer. As we all know the movie became very popular and at the time movie maker has discovered new effective ways to make movie almost a reality from visual graphic along with the CGI. While Brenda Frazer his style in acting with humour, the movie has been successful. Finally this 2017 The Mummy is back with a new casts and this time around Tom Cruise fighting with a female Mummy.

We all know that Tom is great with action and death-defying stunt however compared to Brendan, Tom is not for comedy. Nonetheless The Mummy is here once again with new style. The movie has return with a new concept, while the old ones involves only with few guns and mercenary, this time around it involves the world and elite soldiers fighting an ancient Mummy who is a very powerful, trying to restore the world to its former state.

So what is The Mummy 2017? The Mummy 2017 is a combination with fiction, fantasy, horror and action. Although this kind of genre is no that basic but with Tom Cruise it’s mostly action and fiction. The Mummy 2017 has something to do with the character of Tom Cruise who carry the Mummy in the airplane then later crash, because of unexplained event where birds just attack the plane then Nick later on, lying dead in the Morgue but awaken.

While the authorities wanted to capture the Mummy and they succeeded but by the supernatural means the Mummy escape and kill all soldiers. Later Dr. Henry Jekyll (Russell Crow) expert of ancient civilization and relic tell the story that because they have set free the Mummy the worst is yet to come. Now coming back to Tom Cruise who plays the role of Nick Morton after he miraculously come back to life was told by Dr. Jekyll that the Mummy has a plan for him and Nick has a big part of the restoration of the reign of the dark princess of Egypt. So if you are a fan of Mummy movies and looking for real action and horror-adventure movie, then this one will definitely give you the best entertainment. The trailer might not that great but this movie will give viewers a chill and unexpected moment. This movie will become almost underrated but we are talking Tom Cruise here. Those fans of Tom Cruise this is your chance to see Tom Cruise new acting in different genre.

In the movie it seems like the world will lost to ancient Mummy but with wonderful twist and great plot this will truly blow our minds. Bring your friends and talk about what would be the outcome of the movie and surely you will be surprised. To learn more on The Mummy follow here

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