What is a hospital ?

A hospital is a place where nurses and doctors can cure you if you have had a acccident or you are sick.They can cure you by giving you medicine and they can make you fit and healthy.

This is how a hospital looks➡️

Why iS the Hospital system important ?

The hospital system is important because if we are sick 😷 then we will have someone to take care of us,and then we will have a healthy body and we will always stay fit !

These are some people who work in the hospital

Why Do we need A Hospital ?

We need a hospital because when you have some issues in your body you can go there to take medical treatment.

WhaT aRe the subsystems of the hospital ?

The sub systems of the hospital are the general anaesthesia where the doctor gives you a injection and you faint in 10 seconds.local anaesthesia is when you get a injection in you r mouth and that part becomes num so you don't feel any pain.

The factors that affect the hospital system

A few factors that affect the hospital system are the lack of trained people,taking medicine at the wrong time and lastly giving wrong medicine.

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