New Jersey Colony Founded in 1664 isaac dryden

The duke of york

Born 1663

Died 1701

Had 2 dangers and 1 son


the main religions were Presbyterians, Dutch Reformed, Baptists, and anglicans

-Presbyterian theology typically emphasizes the sovereignty of God

-dutch reformed developed during the Protestant Reformation

-Baptists are individuals who comprise a group of Christian denominations and churches that subscribe to a doctrine

-Anglicans believe the catholic and apostolic faith is revealed in Holy Scripture and the Catholic creeds and interpret these in light of the Christian tradition of the historic church, scholarship, reason and experience.



-iron ore

-midly cold temperature

- the land size 8729 mi squared


economy and jobs

- centered around agriculture

-iron miners

-manufactured iron


Created with images by rich701 - "Maps of England circa 1670, CambridgeShire 6 of 40" • irinaraquel - "Henri Gascar - Portrait of James, Duke of York"

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