English 150 Outcomes by: Douglas Holy

In the first glide-show, I will be presenting ideas of how to organize and how to write effectively written essays that help bring ideas together, and how mechanics are used.

As we use help peer-review our classmates papers, we analyze the writing situation, identify information, and locate the appropriate information within their writing. We needed to peer-review each others papers to get a good grade for the unit.

By doing this, this helps critiquing their drafts and working collaboratively on solving a writing problem. In the near future when writing an essay, it will be helpful towards getting a future job.


When writing a paper, we write essays to help organize our ideas effectively, to improve our content and choice of word styles using feedback and revision. We are writing essays in English 150-045 because it will help us be able to write papers for future reference.

By writing on paper first, this helps to develop ideas and find reliable resources for writing, to give a clear structure of what the essay is going to look like. Later in life, writing essays will help us expand our ideas on how to write solid topic essays.


I was writing my paper for English, producing effective communication, which demonstrates appropriate use of language, sentence structure, grammar, and mechanics for the essay. Being able to expand a single topic into subtopics that are held within one topic, gives a broader topic to talk about.

By writing the essay, it helps adapt to the workplace of writing and produce a variety of written documents as required. In the near future, when I go out to get a job after college, writing to customers

In the next glide-show, I will present a slide that shows how using the computer is effective towards our learning experience by helping with our grammar, sentence structure, and mechanic structures.

By working on McGraw Hill, it helps us to choose words and tone of voice to give appropriate structures towards our audience. Using McGraw Hill helps us to think more creative with our writing, and to help enhance our style of writing.

This also helps us to work effectively with others to produce and/ or revise written materials for our essays. Later in life, being able to think outside the box will help create better ways to structure words and sentences for different types of scenarios.


I was searching for commercial ads for my Unit 2 paper, and by searching ideas, it helps to analyze and define the needs of what is intended for the audience. Searching for topics to write about for a campaign ad helps broaden my horizon and gives me different topics to think about.

By doing this, it helps to analyze the content and the purpose of a written essay problem that is assigned to us. Later in my future career, being able to look up ideas will help me get better ideas to what to create when I get into Graphic Designing.


As each unit goes by, we had to have 25% done with each unit to have completion towards our grade. McGraw Hills helps us to assess our sources for our essays and to find information a bit easier than a level one essay writer.

By working on McGraw Hill, it helps us to analyze any writing situation and to choose appropriate methods of ideas to become well organized and very effective. When I go into Graphic Designing, understanding concepts with different projects will help me be able to understand the problem of a solution.

In the final glide-show, I will present how other types of material helps us be able to extend our concepts farther, and be able to gather more information on what has to be written in our essays.

When working during our workshop times, it helps us to get most of our stuff done, and be able to not have a lot of homework to do during the weekend.

By completing our homework during our workshop times, it helps us to edit a document for a consistent point of view, standard grammar usage, mechanics, and punctuation. In the near future, knowing how to use grammar and sentence mechanics will help to write properly.


During class, we learned about how to use the rhetorical triangle and how it will help with our essay papers to answer questions about what is ethos, logos, and pathos mean.

By doing this, this helps to state the problem in our essay paper, and be able to support the assertions that we have within our topic in our essay. In the future, knowing what ethos, pathos, and logos mean, will help figure out what kind of audience my projects will be towards.


In class and over the course of the unit, we learned how to find misspelled words, use the correct capitalization on words and sentences, and be able to replace words that didn't fit in the sentence.

By learning how to use the correct spelling words and capitalization, it helps us to analyze and define the purpose of our writing. Finding incorrect grammar or incorrect words that are not used right, will help me be able to understand the content of a specific subject.


In class, we had a calendar that would tell us when our assignments are due, and what time we had to turn them in. Having a calendar gives us a structure layout of what needs to be done, and when things need to be done.

By having access to the calendar, we were able to use the calendar to our use to complete our assignments on time. In the long run, having a calendar with important dates that tells me when certain assignments or projects that are do, gives me time to work on them ahead of time to complete the course.


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