Erie Canal Hudson river - NIAGARA river

The construction of the Erie Canal started July 4, 1817 at Rome, New York, and completed, October 26, 1825. The Canals first use was, May 17, 1821.

The original owner of the Erie Canal was New York State.

The Erie Canal was restored September 3, 1999.

Length (Original): 363 miles! Length (New/Restored): 524 miles! The Erie Canal had 36 locks! The Erie Canal was also 571 feet above sea level, at maximum!

The Cost to build the Erie Canal was $7,143,789!

Return on investment took 10 years.

The rate of pay for a Canal laborer in 1825 was only, 80 cents - $1, a day.

To get from one end to the other on the Erie Canal in 1825 took 5 days. But on stagecoach it took 2 weeks.

What was the purpose of the Erie Canal?

The Canal gave the Midwest a bigger opportunity for settlement. The Canal gave power to New York and made New York the head of trade.

The Erie Canal made New York the head of commercial trade in the United States.

The dark black line is the Erie Canal in this picture.

The Erie Canal has two major branches, the Oswego Canal and the Cayuga-Seneca Canal. These branches connected to the Champlain Canal and the Welland Canal.

When the Canal was first made it had multiple nicknames. Just two were 'Clinton's Ditch' or 'Clinton's Big Ditch' because at the time.


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