The Very First Aquaponics Greenhouse in U.K.! AquapOnics in Action

Where is it located?

This aquaponics greenhouse is located Wye Valley, Wales.

What type of habitat is the system surrounded by?

The greenhouse is located on a 117 acre ex council farm on the land of Wales.

What purpose does the system hold?

The purpose of the system to combine farming and aquaponics techniques to establish a more efficient, and edible aquaponics system for their community. There was also a growing food crisis where there was not enough room to grow all the vegetable she needed but her town was in need of the crops.

Why was this system a better choice?

An aquaponics system was better because it combined the farming of fish and the harvesting of crops into one source making it easier to manage and in the end more eco-friendly!

What type of aquaponics system is being used?

The greenhouse aquaponics system uses aspects from both a raft and a flood and drain.

What fish are being used in the system?

The system uses tilapia to complete their aquaponics greenhouse. This species was chosen because it was known to do well in a aquaponics system and to be very durable while giving off much nutrients.

What kinds of plants are grown?

There is a wide variety of different vegetables and herbs grown like tomatoes, lettuce, star berries, basil, parsley and even more. However there main crop is the pepper. The pepper is there main plant produced because their community had a very low intakes of peppers in the past few years. These plants were also tested and seemed to have the best growth rate in the greenhouse aquaponics system.

Describe how the system works.

The greenhouse aquaponics system has aspects from both the raft and flood and drain system. The cycle starts with the tilapia being grown in a tank separate from the plants. The fish do there duties and the waste is pumped over to the plant beds. That is where you see the raft system. Then the waste is transported over and poured onto the plant beds to water the plants and give them nutrients. Lastly the remaining water is drained through the pebbles and then is filtered and brought back into the tank. The plants receive the what they need through the sun .

Unique aspects?

Something that is very unique about the greenhouse aquaponics system is that the only type of light ever used in solar light. This is what makes it very eco-friendly. There is also a garden outside of the greenhouse that is also an aquaponics system. The aquaponics greenhouse what the very first ever in the U.K. And is toured by thousands of people.

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