The Website charlotte

The Reset Requirement button

She hovers her mouse and clicks

The screen changes colors

Now the words are written in blue

Write the below message on a note

Slip it under the door of

519 Sycamore Lane

Take a photo of the note and the house

Post it on the message board and confirm you completed it

"Thanks For Last Night. I Know We Have To Wait For The Right Time For Us To Be Together. I'll Pray It Comes Soon. -L"

Sycamore Lane

She types the address into the search bar


Pastor Frey and his family

Standing, she scribbles down the message

Grabs her purse and heads for the door

If delivering this note screws with

Either Luke or his holier-than-thou family

Oh well free concert tickets

Created By
Charlotte Denson


Words borrowed by the book NEED Joelle Charbonneau pages 41 and 42 Created with images by pixelcreatures - "security protection anti virus" • Felix Padrosa Photography - "IMG_7620.jpg" • Stafinka - "door old entrance" • webandi - "post it note office" • ursonate - "google" • Luz Adriana Villa A. - "Gwen Stefani concert Tickets"

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