Did you know that ruby was the first colored skin kid to go to a white school? She also got made fun of and people would also yell at her. I know it's sad but it's true.


Ruby Bridges is stall alive and she is 62 years old. She was born in a farm in taller land. This is her now. She is at a school singing a song about her child hood.

Child hood

She played baseball with her family. She is and was really smart, and loved her school. In 1960 she went to the white school. She missed her old school because she had lots of friends there. One of her friends dad did not like that Ruby and hes daughter played with each other.


The change was back. Then black and white kid didn't have the right to go to the same school, so ruby was the first colored skin kid to go to a white school. Cool right?

halowen paty


  • Q 1. Why did her parents send her to a white school?
  • A 1.she was smart and the org said that send to a white school!
  • Q 2.Why did her dad get fired?
  • A 2.Hes boss did not hem working with other workers!
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Bethany Flores


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