The soviet union By alyssa doughty

From @Joseph V. Stalin Guesss who's is your new sole leader of the Soviet Union!!!! #me #newleader

From @thecitizans Stalin has started a purge of the communist party #help #gethimout

From @Joseph V. Stalin I have signed a nonaggression pact with Germany to avoid conflict with other countries #yourwelcome #thebest

From @thecitizans Stalin has finally died!!! #free #rip

From @Nikita S. Khrushchev Since Stalin has died I have now become the leader of the split union #lookwhoitis #me

From @thecitizans Omg! Khrushchev just spilled all the secrets of Stalin at the 20th Party Congress #crime #revealed

From @NikitaKhrushchev my job here is done because of a combination of failed policy innovations and agricultural + more #bye #theend

From @thecitizans looks like Brezhnez health is declining and looks like he might die #rip #sad

From @thecitizans Brezhnev has died #omg #rip

From @Gorbachev Looks like I'm the new successor #new

From @gorbachev I signed with Reagan to remove short and mid range missiles from Europe #niceperson

From @Gorbchev I think that each person should choose their own social system #youchoose

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