Journey Log Six EMma Johnston

After my one on one meeting, I finally figured out where I wanted to go with my paper. Chris helped me to focus on the mirror world in Coraline instead of the Other Mother. In a way, I was kind of already doing that. I just didn't know it. I was very glad to realize what I wanted to focus on in my paper. It made it a lot easier to write about, and I didn't even count the words until I was well over. I also liked the creative ability to start wherever I wanted for the rough draft. At first, I wanted to start with the introduction to see how I wanted to structure my paper, but then I realized that is not what I wanted to do. I had never been encouraged to start somewhere different for an english paper. I do have experience starting in different places for lab reports. But that is just because it makes the work load a lot easier to start from the results, and add on from there. Overall, I think the one on one meetings were very successful, and helped me to shape my paper before turning in the rough draft. I wish we were given this opportunity in other classes!

I wanted to draw the Other Mother since I decided not to focus on her anymore. I still appreciate her character though, and think she is very interesting!

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