Florida Adael mUrillo

Florida's climate is hot and rainy because it is near the equator ,The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Oceon.
Picture of it being Hot and Cold at the beach.
Droughts impact Florida by low levels in lakes,stream flows,ground water wells,water supply shortage,affects soil water and kill harvest.
Drought can destroy the environment.
Thunderstorms impact Florida by lightning strucking people and killing them,strong winds can destroy houses and tear tree's off the ground,heavy rain which can cause flooding thunderstorms can sometimes bring hail.
Hurricanes impact Florida by very dangerous flooding ,strong winds and destroying houses.
Picture of hurricane forming.
The Atlantic Oceon and the Gulf of Mexico are important resources because from the coastal waters fishermen gather shrimp,lobster,grouper and clams to feed to the public.
Picture of a commercial fisherman.
Lumber is an a important natural resource because the trees make up to 14million acres of commercial forestland.
Picture of lumber already chopped.
Phosphate is an important resource because it is used as fertilizer.
Picture of phosphate.
Limestone is an important resource because it is used to make building material, tooth paste, paint, and decorative rock gardens.
Picture of limestone.
Oil is a important because it's a leading product.
A picture of oil up close.
This is burning coal it's a Non-renewable resource.
The difference between a non-renewable resource and a renewable resource is that a renewable resource you have an endless supply and a non-renewable resource' is when you don't have an endless supply.
These are wind turbines they turn wind which is a renewable resource into electricity.
A peninsula is a feature of the earth's surface.
Picture of Florida's peninsula
The peninsula changed because the ice age froze the ocean near the North and the south pole as the ocean got smaller the Florida peninsula slowly grew.
Picture of Florida's peninsula
The elevation and sea level sea level is the level of the surface oceans and elevation is the height of a land form above sea level.
This is elevation and sea level.
A barrier island is a low narrow island.
Picture of barrier island
A barrier island is important because they protect the coast from storms.
A barrier island.
Florida's wetlands are important because they protect the coast from flooding by gathering water during storms.They fill the underground water supply by collecting rainwater.
Photo of wetlands.
Many lakes formed in central Florida because of sinkhole activities sinkholes is a cavity in the ground,especially limestone bedrock caused by water erosion.
Photo of a lake forming.


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